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muC108 Series

muC108 series is based on OVM6948 which is using the most advance CMOS mixed signal technology. It integrates image array, signal processing, timing and control circuitry, all on a single chip. OVM6948 captures high quality 200 x 200 resolution video at 30 frames per second (fps). It is ideal for applications requiring a small footprint, low power and low cost. It is well-suited to a wide range of  endoscope applications, including medical, veterinarian, and industrial.

ModuleCompatible BackendTip OD(mm)LEDsStatusConnector
muC108C8282P/C8203E108 0.64×0.64 square0discontinued6pin
muC108PC8209DP/C8203DP 0.64×0.64 square0active24pin