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WIFI Modules

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This WiFi module has been designed to connect USB video class device and allow people to view video oniPhone. The module accepts most UVC compatible… Read More »WIFI Modules

FB Modules

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This is a series of flexi-board (FB) module using OmniVision sensor, integrated with appropriate lens to form a complete camera module for various field of application. 7660FB 7670FB

AA Module

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This is a series of digital sensor module using various OmniVision’s CMOS image sensor.The digital video port provides full-frame, sub-sampled or windowed 8/10bit images in… Read More »AA Module

AI Modules

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This is a series of AI module which serve for different application. It is based on the all in one AI chip, NB1001, which has… Read More »AI Modules


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PIR383E PIR383E is based on the infrared line technology, with high sensitivity, reliability and ultra low-power working mode. It is widely used in all kinds… Read More »PIR


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These modules have been designed for muC103/108 series and mCam703 as well as mCam10SA series. It outputs live video to HDMI monitor, support photo snapshot… Read More »C8203D/M