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VC2202 Video Splitter

This module has been designed for VPU from COMedia. It is able to convert HDMI video of 1280×720 format and stream to PC/NB thru USB port and output another HDMI video in parallel. When input video is square from camera, it will display square window on PC screen, rather than raw video output from HDMI.

  • Good for HDMI module C8203DM
  • Real time Video output simultaneously to HD monitor and PC thru USB
  • Display square video on PC when connect to square format camera
  • Display 16:9 video on PC when connect to mCam703 series
  • Output 1280×720/60fps to HD monitor
  • No driver is needed for PC connection
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11, MacOS, Android 5.0 or abv
Application block diagram