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These modules have been designed for muC103/108 series and mCam703 as well as mCam10SA series. It outputs live video to HDMI monitor, support photo snapshot and video recording, store files to SD card. These modules are powered by 12V DC.

ModuleCompatible camerasLED
C8203DPmuC103P/muC108Pexternal 3W LED (not included)
C8203DLmuC103L1/muC103L2on camera 20mA LED
C8203MmCam703L2on camera 20mA LED
Key Features
  • Real-time 1280×720@60fps Video output to HDMI
  • Auto sensor detection
  • Simple operation for AWB
  • AVI recording and JPG snapshot
  • Store to SD card, up to 32G
  • Image quality fine tune possible
  • RTC with battery backup
  • Constant current driver for external power LED
  • Built in LED brightness control circuit to give the best image
  • DC12V power supply, up to 18V
  • Individual GPIO for key input