HD Camera solution for Endoscope


micro camera module with wafer lens
  • 200x200pixel
  • FOV120 deg
  • 0.7*0.7mm camera tip
  • 0.5mm cable


micro camera module with metal tip
  • 400x400pixel
  • FOV120 deg
  • 1.52mm camera tip
  • 0.5mm cable


HD camera module with LED
  • 3.8mm OD camera tip
  • 1280*720pixel
  • FOV120 deg
  • working distance 5-10mm
  • 3.8mm OD camera tip
  • 1.8mm OD cable

Back End Modules


USB UVC Module for muC108
  • USB type C connector
  • on board snap/Rec button
  • 400x400 JPG output
  • no driver for PC
  • built in LED driver control


HDMI output
  • connect to HDMI monitor
  • real time display
  • 1080p/60frame output
  • image capture
  • options for muC103T/mCam703


USB module for muC703
  • USB UVC no PC driver is needed
  • use any PC camera viewer for preview
  • manual color calibration
  • standby mode when idle
  • LED to indicate operation status


CVBS module for muC103T
  • connect to TV monitor
  • real time display
  • square image display in center
  • 5V DC operation


Display module for muC703
  • 3.5" IPS panel
  • full screen display of 720p
  • real time display at 30fps
  • 4.2V Lithium battery operation
  • battery level detect